Saturday, 20 August 2016

I'm Published! "Reflections by Melissa: A Book of Poetry"

Hi Everyone!

It's official! I am now a self-published author! :) If you are interested in purchasing a copy of my book please visit this link or search "Reflections by Melissa" or "Melissa Larter" at the site under the books category! I hope you enjoy reading and of course reflecting!


Thursday, 14 July 2016

Reflections by Melissa Poetry Mugs!

Hi Everyone!

I am now selling Reflections by Melissa poetry mugs. Each portion of a poem is carefully handwritten on each cup. Collect them all to read the whole poem! :)

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Outside Looking In

                                                             Outside Looking In:

                                                                          On the Outside looking in,
                                                                      Feeling like you can never win.
                                                                       Always sorry for what you do,
                                                                People you know don't include you.
                                                                        Not always sure what to say,
                                                                          Or what to do every day.
                                                                 Just know your words have voice,
                                                                      That you decide every choice.
                                                                     Looking in from the outside,
                                                                  Outside friends you will confide.
                                                                  Knowledge from the outer edge,
                                                               Making sure you follow the pledge.
                                                              With what you know is what you'll do,
                                                                      Using it to get you through.
                                                                   Being outside is not always bad,
                                                            It might even make you incredibly glad.
                                                                 From the outside you see so much,
                                                                        With an everlasting touch.
                                                                   You really see who you can be,
                                                                   An open mind from you will see.

Just Listen

                                                                            Just Listen:

                                                                Listen to the words I say,
                                                             I promise I won't speak all day.
                                                                 Do not just learn to hear,
                                                             Lend your eyes not just your ear.
                                                               Just please look at what I say,
                                                               With my hands I sign and pray.
                                                                 People don't give a chance,
                                                                With a smile I will enhance.
                                                               Will you please be my friend?
                                                                    It's with signs that I send.
                                                                  Signs you see with my hand,
                                                               God made me too on this land.
                                                             From my mouth there is no sound,
                                                          Just listen and a friend you've found.

Dark and Light

Dark and Light:

The opposite is dark and light,
One means healing, one means fight.
One means hurt and one means peace,
Wishing dark would forever cease.
The symbolism that it brings,
Chilling, beautiful music sings.
Just like on piano keys,
I hear the sounds and my heart sees.
Let the light come shining through,
Don’t let darkness overpower you.
Use the dark to help you heal,
Better someday you will feel.
In the dark you’ll find your way,
Finding light that will stay.
Seems impossible through the screams,
It’s a nightmare, no more dreams.
Together it is light and dark,
Scars and memories leave a mark.
Please just know that being you,
Is all that you can ever do.
Having all the strength and might,
Darkness leaves and you’ll see light.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Your Life

Your Life

                                                 Meaning of this is what you’ll define,
Nobody else’s or even mine.
Confused for a while,
Your frustrations will pile.
You make the final say,
Of where you’re going every day.
What path you lead, which road you take,
Even all the friends you’ll make.
You have a voice and decisions so true,
No one else can control you.
Being assertive and very strong,
Finally find where you belong.
Endless possibilities, it’s not over yet,
So much further in this life to get.